Protection of Aluminum Frames

Initially, it is imperative that any applied floor or wall covering be installed without covering any of the aluminum framing. Special care must be maintained to prevent any material used in the floor and wall coating process to come in contact with the screen rail enclosure components. Warning: Tile or other cementitious products in contact with aluminum may cause corrosion of the aluminum. This condition will void warranties on aluminum products.

It is recommended that all aluminum installations be protected from the direct exposure to concrete and other similar cementitious product. Warning: Installation of tile or other cementitious products adjacent to aluminum will cause discoloration of the aluminum. Whenever these materials are required to be in close proximity, it is mandatory that PVC angle tile stop be installed to separate the two dissimilar materials. All warranties on aluminum products are void if in a contact with cementitious products such as grout. See recommended PVC tile stop detail for railing posts, screen enclosures, and storm shutter assemblies. Installation of the tile stop will also allow for proper drainage through weep holes located at the base of screen enclosures. Do not allow the installation of sealant between tile termination and enclosure weep system.

If there are any questions concerning this information, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department.

Diagram of aluminum framing screwed into the ground