Metal Railing Posts Anchored onto or into Concrete Floors

The purpose of this Technical Topic Bulletin is to advise you how to maintain anchorage of metal railing posts.

Many metal railings on stairways, walkways and balconies are secured in place by having the posts extend into the concrete floor. The area around the post is filled with a high strength, quick setting grout (cement).

These post penetrations into the concrete floor are not maintenance free and must be inspected on a regular basis for cracks, which may develop between the post and the grout or within the grout itself. These cracks are created by the movement of the posts from expansion, contraction and normal use.

If cracks go unnoticed or not repaired, water will enter the cracks causing deterioration of the grout, which may cause posts to become loose. Prolonged exposure to water may even damage the post and the surrounding concrete floor.

Never place carpet or tile over the grout area as this will create additional problems, and you will not be able to readily examine the area.

If  you suspect that your rail posts need re-anchoring, the grout around the post should be chipped out, the hole and post cleaned, and new high strength cement poured into the hole, crowned at the top. Recently, local waterproofing companies have been using epoxy materials in lieu of cement to secure posts. You may wish to contact several for quotes for this type of repair. If you have further questions or need additional information contact a Liberty Aluminum representative.