Mechanical railing on an apartment building


Mechanical railing is popular because it is cost-effective and durable. However, not everyone is aware of the variety of styles you can choose from to fit the aesthetic of your space. Starting with the most obvious feature, color options for mechanical railing are black, bronze, and white.

Your next style option is the top cap which is the piece people hold onto when walking (see image below). Top caps come in different shapes such as “HR-1” which looks like a “mushroom”. The most popular is the “bread loaf” style because it is a standard arch that fits easily in most hands, referred to as “HR-14”. A cross between the two is “HR-10” which looks like a wider arch. This is seen as a middle option that adds more interest to your railing but isn’t as larger as the “HR-1” or “mushroom” style.

But what about the middle? Mechanical rail base models come with ¾” or 1” pickets depending on the height of your fence. At Liberty Aluminum we care about quality and safety, so we use 1” pickets in our standard design. Finally, to make your railing unique, consider adding a top channel, fleur-de-lis, spears, or circles.

After you make your selections all pickets are secured into a bottom channel and ready for installation.

Types of railing top caps








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