Maintenance of Metal Components


Iron oxidation, commonly referred to as rust, is a chemical reaction that is produced when oxygen in the air reacts with iron. Our atmospheric conditions in Florida are ideal for the formation of this corrosive reaction. In addition to oxygen, moisture, sodium chloride ions and salt laden air attacks steel immediately upon exposure. These metallic components will rust and corrode and are not covered by any warranty. It is imperative that a monthly inspection and maintenance program be established to ensure that those metals are completely sealed from moisture and salts. The following lists several of the metal components which will require inspection and maintenance throughout your installation:

  1. Sheet Metal Screws
  2. Eyebolts of Cable Tie Downs
  3. Concrete Anchors
  4. Other Misc. Fasteners


There are numerous products on the market which will treat and prevent rust. If rusting conditions are present, treat immediately by the following general guidelines:

  1. Remove all Rust by the use of wire wheels, wire brushes, sandpaper. NOTE: Any rust not removed will continue to corrode underneath coating system
  1. Wipe down the prepared surface to remove residues, dust, and grease.
  1. Apply a rust inhibitive primer following the product installation instructions.
  1. Apply two coats of the prescribed finish coat

Maintenance programs which institute periodic cleaning of dirt, grime and salt spray, with mild household detergents, form metals exposed to our corrosive atmosphere provide a well maintained appearance and extend the life of these surfaces for many years to come.

Paint specification requirements vary on each installation, therefore it is recommended to become familiar with the type paint utilized to coat the metal on your installation. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please contact a Liberty Aluminum representative.