Cleaning Procedures For Screen Enclosures and Aluminum Railings

The purpose of this Technical Topic Bulletin is to give cleaning procedures how to maintain aluminum railings and screen enclosures. These surfaces should be cleaned every six months at a minimum.

Summary of General Cleaning Tips

  1. Over cleaning or excessive rubbing can do more harm than good.
  2. Strong solvents or strong cleaner concentrations can cause damage to painted surfaces. Always use the mildest cleaner possible.
  3. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Do not use household cleaners that contain abrasives on painted surfaces.
  4.  Abrasive materials such as steel wool, abrasive brushes, etc. can wear and harm finishes.
  5. Avoid drips and splashes. Remove run downs as quickly as possible.
  6. Avoid temperature extremes. Heat accelerates chemical reactions and may evaporate water from solution. Extremely low temperatures may give poor cleaning effects. Cleaning under adverse conditions may result in streaking or straining. Ideally, cleaning should be done in shade at moderate temperature.
  7. Do not substitute a heavy-duty cleaner for a frequently used milder cleaner.
  8. Do not scour painted surfaces.
  9. Never use paint removers, aggressive alkaline, acid or abrasive cleaners. Do not use chlorine bleach, trisodium phosphate or highly acid cleaners. Always do a test surface.
  10. Follow manufacturers recommendations for mixing and
  11. diluting cleaners.
  12. Never mix cleaners.
  13. To prevent marring, make sure cleaning sponges, cloth, etc. are grit free.
  14. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

To read the full Cleaning Procedures For Screen Enclosures and Aluminum Railings technical paper, please click here.