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It is this chapter’s goal to not just listen to its members concerns but to help solve problems. We will be addressing some of the issues that were brought up during last month’s meeting: Collier County Building Department’s requirement of certified site plans and 10 day spot surveys. The head of the building department, Jonathan Walsh, will be with us to answer any questions you may have. Chris Scott, the head of the planning division, will also be attending the meeting. We are currently working with a survey company to get special pricing on orders placed by AAF members to help alleviate some of the job cost. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

AAF Members are Licensed

The Aluminum Association of Florida understands that many customers come to our members after being hurt by an unlicensed person. To join AAF, our contractor members have to meet license and insurance requirements, be voted in by a majority of local peers, and they must subscribe to AAF’s strong Code of Ethics.

Mission Statement

To inform, educate, organize and represent the interests of contractors and their manufacturers, distributors and associated professionals engaged in the aluminum construction industry and its related businesses, including but not limited to profitable and ethical business practices, building codes, legislation, and the technical knowledge base. The AAF actively supports the evolution of our industry through member involvement.

Membership in the Aluminum Association of Florida provides the following benefits:

  • Professional Status
  • Greater Public Recognition
  • Respect From Government Agencies
  • A Participant in The Lawmaking Process Which Dictates To Your Business And Industry
  • First Hand Information & Knowledge of Aluminum Standards And Codes As Developed By The Association
  • Job Problem Solving With Other Association Members
  • Idea Sharing With Peers
  • Fraternity, Unity & Support For Common Causes In The Industry
  • Camaraderie & Fellowship Among Members
  • Educational Training & Development Programs
  • Quarterly Newsletter For The Membership And Quarterly Magazine For The Industry
  • Membership Meetings, Workshops, Programs
  • Continuing Education Approved By The State

Other Affiliations

  • NFIB
  • FHBA
  • NAHB
  • Lee BIA
  • Collier BIA
  • AAOF